TIER I represents a skills video created by our company from start to finish. These videos are recorded in HD, professionally edited, and properly encoded to ensure the video will play on most media platforms.


TIER II represents a skills video finalized by our company. An individual sends us their digital media and our specialists generate a skills video professionally edited and properly encoded to ensure the video will play on most media platforms. Additionally, if sent videos are of lesser quality, Skillz Vids raises the quality of the video for a better presentation. 
Skillz Vids professionally designs webpages with the mindset of it being a “One Stop Shop”. We understand not all individuals can afford every expense that accompanies the travel sports arena. Furthermore, we recognize the difficulty collegiate coaches face trying to evaluate each at athlete a specific event.  Therefore, we created the individual webpage. The webpage contains several multimedia elements (depending on the sport), bio information, stats, contact information, and many more features. One vital feature is the private URL link, which provides athletes and parents with comfort of not having their personal information publicly displayed for any or everyone to view.  The URL link is shared with individuals, institutions, or entities the athlete and/or parent wishes to view the webpage. Skillz Vids will not use an athlete’s webpage for any promotional gains, example, or testimonial.  Contact customer support to learn how to get your webpage.

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